A small platform from Indonesia that was first intended for a personal blog. As time went by, especially when we had the survey about food consumption behavior during the pandemic, there was a trigger and maybe it’s God’s call to switch Beige & Bold into an insightful space to bridge and discuss food science and technology with our everyday thoughts – our creator is a food technology graduate, what's not great about that?

Our brand-new face of Beige & Bold  is here with an ampersand to classically attach a two-part of a noun-adjective. Circled in a 270° cooking pan to cook any raw knowledge we have into a well-done one and a spatula to flip over our curiosity 360° among new and developed perspectives in between food science and technology and our everyday thoughts.

We are very pleased to have Beige & Bold for sharing anything food science-related with everyone through our articles and feeds. We might not have that scientific name or any word with ‘food’ for now but we have that intention for real. 

Feel free to send us messages or give us a shout-out anytime as those would mean a lot for us to grow better!

See you on the screen! <3


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