Eggsperiment: How to Make Eggshells Powder

We are still talking about egg as it is a hearty food and an affordable protein source among Indonesians. This time we will delve more on how to create long gone eggshells waste into beneficial eggshells powder. Taking some of your minutes to glance this articled home lab report of making eggshells powder!

Why are we doing this?

As one of Indonesian's familiar foods, egg production has been increasing throughout the years. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia, the egg production in Indonesia reached 2.1 million tons back in December 2018 (1). That's quite a lot.

Did you know? Eggshell includes around 9-12% of a single egg's total weight – take a calculator if needed, how much eggshell waste which might be derived? From 189.000 to 240.000 tons of eggshells waste were produced two years ago while we don't know exactly where they have gone all these time.

Another imperative point: eggshell is a common household, bakery, or even hatchery waste that can pollute the environment. This waste has beneficial in producing hydroxyapatite – an excellent biomaterial used in bone repair and teeth regeneration (2).

Eggshells are made of calcium and alkaline materials. What we can do is take the best benefits of the wasted eggshells for ourselves, our plants, or any kind of things we would never know. One is making eggshells powder to lengthen its durability and making it easier to be digested. As we mostly talk about food science, we would dig more about eggshells usage for human consumption in its form of powder.

Reducing eggshells waste by getting additional values of eggshells powder as calcium boost to your daily meals..🍽️ and neutralizing the acidity and bitterness for your morning mellow coffee..

The interesting thing is the Indonesian population lacks calcium from their diet and not aware of the impacts of such deficiency on their health (3). At the same time, the high number of eggshells waste that might be produced as the egg's production and consumption increase. To overcome these, we can do this eggsperiment in making eggshells powder at home which is affordable and easy to make.

Where to start?

Begin with collecting the eggshells waste from your home, your neighbors, or anywhere else as long as it is washed before you take them from others. If you feel like the eggshells are not enough yet, you can keep them in the freeze but remember to wash it first before putting it into the container. Once enough or if you want to start immediately, you can start washing your eggshells a few times with clean water to remove any dirt or unwanted smells over the eggshells.

If all eggshells are clean and the water has boiled, pour the washed eggshells into the boiling pot and boil them for at least 5 minutes to kill the bacteria such as SalmonellaStaphylococcusE. coli, and others. After boiling for minutes, rinse the eggshells by removing the water and put them on a cutting board, baking sheet, or any kind of container.

The next step should be baking the eggshells. However, if you don't have an oven or you just want to skip this one, you may lengthen the boiling time to give a bit longer heat treatment to the eggshells (just in case) as the baking step aims to heat the eggshells even more also give a quick-dry and easier grinding for the eggshells. 

Skip this paragraph if you skip the baking step ツ. Spread the eggshells on your baking sheet evenly and put it in the oven for at least 10 minutes until 80-100°C. 

And for the cooling process for both baked eggshells or not, place the eggshells on a container or current baking sheet for minutes until they are cool enough to be further processed. Continue to blend it up with your desired food processor – blender, grinder, or anything you have – until it is smooth enough to be called as powder. Take note that it might take 3 to 4 times of blending to get the almost perfect powder!

Last step is store the eggshells inside a tight-closed jar in prolonging their durability and keeping their quality and safety.

Some useful techniques for those who are interested:

  • But first, to make it efficient, you may want to boil the water before washing the eggshells.

  • Wash the eggshells and crush them several times whenever you're not sure yet.

  • The baking step is optional – if you decided to skip it, try to lengthen the boiling time.

  • Use sieve whenever you need ツ

Discussion to the Rescue

Overall sensory..👅

Taste: tasteless. Aroma: slightly baked eggshells and no more fishy smell. Texture: small particles with a few of dried crunchy ones. Color: soft cream to broken white.

Evaluation and Improvement..📈

We mostly used the brown boiled eggs resulting in soft cream color and carried away thin white particles among the powder. Besides, as the boiled eggs had been given such heat treatments before being powdered, it may give the fragile texture of the eggshells while doing the eggsperiment. Some dried crunchy particles can be caused by the too-long baking time during the eggsperiment. Oh! If you zoom in closer, there might be a few kinds of big pieces of the eggshells – perhaps, our sieve doesn't have a smaller mesh making those being brought to the final jar.

Tips and Trick..💡

We will not call this as do's and dont's since these points are no right and no wrong. Let's call them as tips and tricks:

  • A little tip if you used boiled eggs: you may want to consume it up to the thin white layer since it is high in protein and can result in a few white particles at the end product.

  • While you stock up the eggshells, you can keep the existing ones in the freezer but clean them up first!

  • Store eggshells powder in a tightly closed jar to lengthen its durability.

  • For eggshells powder consumption: please consume no more than 1 tsp a day as it can irritate sensitive digestive tracks. (this one should be a do's..😃)

Last but not least, here goes our videos for you to watch through our instagram. Make sure you see it directly on our profile to read the whole caption!

1) Eggsperiment: How to Make Eggshells Powder

2) Eggsperiment #001: Mellow Morning Coffee.............

3) Blending the Eggshells Powder of 1/2 tsp with Water

We hope this inspires you to take these several actions for a better world and yourselves with a single activity of making eggshells powder. If you are planning to make your own eggshells powder, please tag us or reach us out if you have anything in mind!


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