I Have Never Written Any Beautiful, Decent, or Good Poems

For two decades of living on this planet, I suck at writing and I am still learning to pour my contemplations, feelings, and thoughts into lovely structured sentences – one of them is through the poem.

I think the poems that I have made in all my life are somewhat cliché, not making any senses, consisting of forced rhymes, and too many adjectives in one. However, those poems were actually made for school's assignments and some sheer fads when I suddenly wanted to be edgy. Not to worry, spending eight hours to come up with these 547 characters with four adjectives on a loose-leaf paper about something mundane which most of us take for granted was quite a challenge for me. I am open to any comments regarding my first attempt in composing this genuine poem – I really do. Here goes the final draft of the poem with those beautiful strokes and hope you enjoy grumbling on it!

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Jakarta, Indonesia