Introducing Fermentation Journey!

As we would like to take a further step in aligning with the future of food, we have decided to create a long-life journey by choosing fermentation as our major activity since it is a simple process of preserving tasty foods with added health benefits. This will be a long marathon and we hope this journey can inspire you to experience this wherever you are to feed yourself and your loved ones with wholesome fermented foods!

What is Fermentation?

Are you familiar with yogurt, tempeh, or kimchi? Have you ever wished for good bacteria inside your body? All thanks to fermentation – with the support of yeast and bacteria, the process breaks down molecules into a simpler substance without oxygen. These make fermented foods and their nutrients are easier to digest and absorb. As any food can be fermented, here are some of those:

  • Grains give you sourdough bread🥖, beer🍺

  • Bean gives you tempeh, miso

  • Dairy gives you yogurt🍨, cheese🧀

  • Fruits give you cider, wine

  • Veggies give you pickle🥒, kimchi, sauerkraut

  • Meat gives you salami🥩

To make it easier, we created this 101 version of fermentation!

..and Fermentation Journey?

Our long-running initiative to not only preserve the foods for good but anything we have learned through one process. Exploring things on earth in the name of life science that we all may not know yet. This is only the beginning as the ending is nowhere since we want to keep this forever if God allows us to. There may be some breaks as we also have other stuff on our plates. And we are so welcome for collaboration and discussion..!

What Will We Do Along the Journey?

We will share, share, and share! Share what foods we ferment, share the process from scratch to end product, and share both success and failures with each rationale. Along the way, we probably plan to share other than fermentation in foods but still fermentation-related such as the thoughts towards it from us, everyone else, or even the experts and other ideas that could emerge during the journey. If we have plenty of fermented end products, we would like to share them with you guys as well. As we always say, hope this inspires us all to invite those good rockin’ bacteria into our life.

See you throughout the journey!

Warmest regards,

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