Introducing Montra: 'Morning Mantra'

Gonna have this kind of monthly Montra: 'Morning Mantra' writing an affirmation to begin the day with my current achievement/goals/you-name-it or a shortlist of things I have been enjoying.

A lot of questions had been circling my mind lately like I am the sun of the solar system. At first, I had doubts about what I should create within this blog distinctively yet still defining me. I stuck for some moments from picking out the name, scrolling the right perfect fonts, rearranging an attractive yet minimalist layout until choosing the logo. These ideas matter a lot as I am really into those things that speak to me. All of these worths my backpain and sore eyes for these past few weeks.

For a little information, the award of one font that always speaks to me goes to Helvetica – I just knew that a Swiss designer invented this font back in 1957. Yes, this paragraph is thoroughly to tell you this!

I am taking my baby steps to realize the list of my daydreams – having a personal blog is one of them in which I am allowed to do everything in it with my rules and timeline that I made it myself. I hope this will be a medium where I can express unburden things in the garden of my mind that brings some good (mood/feeling/things/effect/inspiration/cause/motivation/else) for me, you, and us all.

"Some steps need to be taken alone. It is the only way to really figure out where you need to go and who you need to be."

Referred from The Single Woman book by Mandy Hale, the sentence above definitely speaks for my current state. Life is too short to withstand any good intentions or popped up brilliant ideas since we have not much time strictly speaking. All we have is now at this second you are reading this sentence (well, hello there). There are still tomorrow and the days after it indeed. But based on my personal experiences, I had failed too many times from procrastinating and spinning out time. I used to waste my moments and time in life without me noticing all the signs from my inner voice to wake up and do something about it. The same moment might come again the other days. However, the exact proportion of every little detail of the ideas or even how passionate you should be with it may not be the same.

Nothing is wrong with catching any moments while you can. Perhaps without us knowing it, many things out there might sprinkle some sparks for a boundless joy in life for us all. Any moment will be such a precious opportunity to dig deeper about yourself – through your elicited emotions, invisible weaknesses, and truthful senses.

Elicited Emotions

In certain situations, I realized not all emotions we feel can be expressed effortlessly. Some may need its trigger to heave in sight while others end up buried and forgotten. However, it inevitably elicited. Do not resist your emotions or being denial with them – those will keep you sane and aboveboard with yourself about your emotions the way they are. Growing emotionally without your emotions controlling your actions and thoughts is what you should aspire at least on your next birthday. The main ingredient is hearty self-control flavored with active listening, mixed with a smooth dough of good critiques taking, always baked with self-awareness and empathy towards others, and given a splash of sauce of positive attitudes. 

Invisible Weaknesses

When you fail at a particular moment, it does not mean you will fail forever. Millions more of moments are still waiting to give you fruitfulness or even another failure to take you to your best moment. That is why plunging into new things is imperative to reveal things that we never knew about ourselves before. Eventually, we all have at least a weakness because no one is perfect. Your flaws are not your sins but rather are morally reminders to build your strengths and seeing the full potential in yourself. Try to fall in love with your flaws – embrace them for making you as a person you are today.

Truthful Senses

Some might say that pretending is the safest lie. But it hurts more by not staying true to yourself. By that, you are completely accepting yourself the way you are without pleasing others and living someone's standards. Uncover everything to find what works for you, which things define you, and how do you feel about it by getting rid of those reluctance feelings toward others. No one else in this world can know your truthful senses but you. Yes, you!

Those three should remind us to explore ourselves on the whole through ups and downs. Admit that we all made dozens or even hundreds of lists of failures nor mistakes in the past. Nevertheless, what happened in the past stays in the past. Do not fear to be wrong or to feel down in life – sometimes we can be on the top and in a sudden we can fall to the bottomless ground. It is as simple as if we constantly have good kismets every single time, how can we learn to cope up from failures?

Before setting my heart with Beige and Bold, I also had a lot of blogs previously with tacky and unbelievable contents while still finding who I wanted to be and how I wished to be seen by others through my true self. In odd moments, I could cringe over myself and feel disgusted about it – that is a long learning process for me to get to this better chapter of life. It took years for me to reach this moment to bring my dream of having a personal blog into a reality. Since I have some time to take care of this, if not now, then when?

I found this quote on an e-book I read (1) to kick off this post – we cannot control what goes on outside while we can control what goes on inside. The writer also adds: it is that simple. The only one who can control things beyond us from head-to-toe and inside and out is ourselves. Roughly, mind your business by focusing on yourself. Not selfish at all but it is how you care and nurture yourself. Start your best journey and spread lots of love and kindness every day <3


(1): Oye J. 2014. MonkeyBrain: Create Emotional Balance, Physical Health, and Spiritual Awareness: Brain-Body-Spirit, the Practical Approach. Indiana (US): Balboa Press.

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