Review of an Avid Foodie: Umaku Sushi

My first ever food review – dedicated this post to the one and only, Umaku Sushi. I will be writing several reviews for certain food places that I love to make a lot of visits meaning those have captured the heart of my appetite and the of my mood.

I am so into Japanese foods from fresh sashimis, savory soup with its tender ramen, to those beautiful green chuka wakame. From the most hype place since years ago until the newest trend of sushi train, I have never really found such a comfort a sushi place that freeze me a few seconds due to the beautiful plating and the delicacy of the dishes. Once upon a lunchtime a few months ago, I decided to try this sushi place, Umaku Sushi, located inside a small two-floored shophouse in South Tangerang area with my mom. That day was very packed since everyone was having lunch.

The interior has these utterly authentic Japanese touches. They have this pretty sushi bar near the entrance with five to six seats. The first floor has six tables whereas it is more spacious on the second floor with six to seven tables. Each table fits four people. I have visited Umaku Sushi seven times from my first visit in November 2019 to my last one was in February this year – I know I am obsessive to cool sushi places. During the pandemic, they offer home delivery for you to pick up. For further details, you can see their posts on @umakusushi. I just ordered their home delivery last week for iftar at home!

They have such a satisfying service with a lot of lucrative promos. As seen on both pictures below, I got a free Sake Kabutoyaki (grilled salmon head) from ordering Nigiri Sushi Jyo of nine kinds of sushi. Besides the regular sushi menu, they also offer ketogenic (1) diet menus like avocado sushi and shirataki noodle. While waiting for our food, the restaurant always gives a bowl of half-boiled edamame as a good starter. Once I had around eight dishes for two persons and the bill was surprisingly far less than I thought making their prices are more affordable comparing to other similar places.

(1): a term of low-carb, moderate protein, and higher-fat diet in order to help burning fat efficiently - the idea is to get more calories from protein and fat while less from carbohydrates.

I recommended you to try this place if you claim yourself a Japanese foodie. The dishes I ordered vary on each visit. Okay.. let me show you some tasty ones which I managed to take pictures – from left to right as seen below: Chuka Wakame, Scallop Creamy Miso, Chuka Idako, and Salmon Lava. Salmon Lava was such an unexpected bomb with the salty taste that fits the cheese sauce, the sprinkled tobiko on the top, the yummy salmon meats, the right portion of fluffier rice underneath the salmon mountain, and I would never forget the crunchy cheesy chips that were a cushy surprise for me.

Scrolling down a little.

These two thereunder are my all-time-favorite. The left one is Salmon Chizu Roll with sliced cheeses on the top and inside the middle salmon roll. Can you imagine how delicious the tastes are? The right one is these five juicy slices of thick Sake Sashimi. The fun fact I found while eating these sashimis was it was my first time grasping the right size of a lemon to be squeezed over the salmon – I could feel I was very satisfied when squeezing the lemon.

A little bit more scroll, please.

There was one time where I chose to try this Gunkan Set (2) of five sushis with different toppings rather than ordering plates of Chuka dishes. In the bottom center, there is Volcano Roll stuffed with salmon, crab stick, and tobiko and grilled with special mayo sauce. When a piece of Volcano Roll bitten into the mouth, all the stuffing melted in the mouth together at one time. Suppperrr yummmyyy. On the lower right, I have these two pieces of Maguro Sushi with the tender bluefin tuna.

(2): 'Gunkan' means boat and this kind of sushi gets the name from the way the toppings held in place on top of the sushi rice made of nori, pressed seaweed, a small amount of sushi rice, and basic ingredients as the toppings on the top.

The last two pictures were when I ordered home delivery last week. I tried some new menus like Salmon Skin Roll, Scallop Grill Tobiko Roll, and Cheesy Aburi not regretting even a slight breaking in new menus. The Salmon Skin Roll is at the top left which wrapped with pressed seaweed and stuffed with grilled salmon skin, tobiko (3), and sliced cucumbers. Underneath it, there are these seaweed-wrapped five sushis of Scallop Grill Tobiko Roll. And right next to it, there are two yummy pieces of Cheesy Aburi.

So far, I have several mandatory dishes to order from Chuka Wakame, Sake Sashimi, and of course, the yummiest Salmon Chizu Roll. Those three have never been absent even once. Our tastes might be different but there are other dishes that I would recommend besides the pictured dishes such as: Teka Maki (and well.. other kind of Maki too) – six pieces of tender and thick tuna rolled in sushi rice and wrapped with seaweed, Wagyu Cube Yakiniku – cubed wagyu with smeared with Yakiniku sauce, Chawan Mushi – an egg custard dish, Salmon Zenbu Nigiri – six pieces of salmon sushis with different toppings, ugh.. and many more!

Due to the current situation, give yourself a shot to order their home delivery from the nearest branch. Currently, Umaku Sushi has three branches: Citragran in Cibubur, Kota Wisata in Bogor, and Bintaro in South Tangerang – all three are located in Indonesia. Looking forward to more occasions for munching their dishes!<3 

(3): Japanese word for flying fish roe – click here for more information about tobiko.

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