Strolling Around Wolfgang's Hometown (Part 2 – Salzburg & Hallstatt)

April 2019

To Salzburg, the journey took almost one hundred and fifty minutes by train from Vienna Central Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof). The pretty sceneries from each side made the trip not that boring at all. 

Arriving at noon, we got a lot of time to wander around this charming city where Mozart was born and lived here. On the top right photo, you can spot the Hohensalzburg castle left on the hill. We went to the Mozart Residence where we could see the vestige witnesses and the whole history of Mozart's life. There was also this Makartsteg bridge that is full of love locks where people put a lock with their name and their loved one on it. The bridge locates between the old and the new town of Salzburg. I did not put any – still on my way to find the one, hope he lives on the same planet with me.

Not stopping there, we walked to the northwestward from Mozart Residence then found this magical Mirabellplatz (Mirabell Palace). If you have watched The Sound of Music, this garden was where Maria and the kids singing the Do Re Mi song. Ooh! Spot the Hohensalzburg castle once again up there.

Got to do some poses with these gorgeous Wisteria flowers ;-)

Onto the next day, we joined this one-day open trip to the Sound of Music spots and Hallstatt with the other three tourists – two were American women who have been best friends for more than forty years and one was this Australian hairstylist woman who went on a solo trip. Honestly, I rewatched the Sound of Music on the night before to refresh my memories and to make sure the spots that we would see on tomorrow's tour.

The first photo is the sight of Schloss Leopoldskron as the Von Trapp family house in the movie. The middle displays this beautiful gazebo where Liesl sings and dances with her lover, Rolf the young Austrian telegraph delivery boy. The right one was that street where Maria sings, dances, and hops for the I Have Confidence song while on her way to the Von Trapp family house as her first working day.

Hallstatt is very lovely indeed. I could enjoy and stare at any spots for minutes. One friend told me that Hallstatt is much prettier during the winter with the white-snowed mountains, the crystal clear white snow, and the dreamy lake – just purrfect!

After the tour finished, we were also being those basic girls hanging out at Starbucks in Salzburg while resting our sore feet. There was this Pizzeria Toscana restaurant serving hearty pasta and pizza next to our hotel since we were hungry at that time. We decided to end the day by sipping a hot tea and slurping a big plate of Risotto alla Parmigiana (1) with champignons and sliced paprikas for me and Cannelloni bolognese for my sister.

(1): a dish that is cooked or served with Parmesan cheese.

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