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Here goes my very first post and hello <3

Quick three about me: Dreamer. Food Technologist. Zen-junkie.

Dreamer. When I was in my final year in high school, my hard times with breakouts had made me always wanted to be a dermatologist. I know this was ridiculous that knowing a doctor should deal with blood (and some other reasons) made me stop going after my dream of becoming one – really, I never find myself is okay with blood. I swerved to chemical engineering and bioprocess technology majors that inspired me to develop innovative products for the market and pursue my career in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. I had one more major option to be filled for the written test. Once my tutor came with the idea of food technology as my backup choice, I just went with it without giving any shot to find out even a little about it. Unexpectedly, God wanted me to delve it more in detail – yes, I got accepted into this I-know-nothing-about-this major of food technology.

I had to stay in Bogor, Indonesia for four years of my study and had these mixed feelings with the facts that I would live tens of kilometers away from my parents and experience my new stage of life with surprising challenges ahead – especially with the mandatory one-year dormitory. I hated these facts at first but my denial attitude had blurred my heart and mind to perceive the greatest worths in food technology. This rain city has taught and helped me to see the good in everything I had despised and to find my true self. Some places there still have good memories in me. Even I struggled hard back then with a lot of pressure and getting one's teeth with it, having great friends was my strongest reason to stay and survive (you know who you are <3). From these, I must tell that you can dream as high as you want but just be prepared for the worst and do not get carried away with your disappointment and its protracted sadness. This second you are reading this, it turned out that I am falling in love more with food technology until I have decided to delve this more into my passions!

Food Technologist. I never thought that I would be this passionate for food scientifically and sustainably. Throughout the toughest four-years of my study, I got my bachelor's degree in Food Technology by the end of 2018. So relieved and blithesome at the same time. After graduating, I spent almost a year working in an FMCG company through an internship program and a temporary full-time job – both are in the field of quality assurance (QA). I still wanted to find my true passions so that I stopped working a year ago. When starting my journey, I have not even known which one is my passion even I have done a lot of research back and forth. All I know is the recent anchor of my passions stays in product development and entrepreneurship – not much to tell for now. Currently, I am joining a project with the related company and institution to facilitate food micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia within the principles of food science and technology. Please do wish me lots of luck <3

Zen-Junkie. Through my spare time, I write things on my journal and watch movies or series while also try to catch up with my old hobby of reading books. Doing these things can keep me mindful and sane in this crazy world. Not to forget, my hobby of doing exercises has changed to be my daily habit. From different types of workout, I found my zen feeling when and after any session of Barre and Yoga. Without being flowery, even a 60-minutes class can last my zen mood for the whole day that is why I may call myself as a zen-junkie. I am still practicing both but tend to do more Yoga practices to strengthen my cores. Strong cores will not only give a good posture on my body and thousands of endorphins – I believe these abs might be very helpful someday to carry a bag full of diapers and my future heir while receiving calls from my clients. Well, I think this is going to be my lifelong journey to take care of my health and wellness with the things I love until God knows when. These days, I have weirdly always been so excited before going to sleep since I could not wait to tread myself on the sweaty mat the next day I would do anything to get my dose of daily zen.

I guess that is all about me within the quick three above. Cheers!

Thank you with <3,

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