This or That: Blueberry Muffin or Chocolate Cake?

Let's have some more light talks other than having a topic that furrows your brows. This time we will have a 'This or That' game where I am going to share my answers and its little reasons of this amazing tweet I found days ago from @Madeoflighting0 (already got her permission to include her tweet here).

Breakfast for the win because the time is just right to have a proper meal to start the day. I usually slurp one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and another one for extra virgin olive oil before eating anything. Then, followed by snacking some fruits and having a heap of wheat bread with peanut butter. Enough energies earned for my activities throughout the day until lunchtime!

Remembering my teenage years, I used to enjoy obliging myself to go outside every Saturday night – hanging out at the mall or even sitting at the fancy restaurants. As I grow older, I realize that all of those are no longer necessary. I would definitely prefer a night in by staying at home and indulging myself with whatever is exciting – such an old soul. If I had to go outside, it could be either for important stuff, making a meeting with some good friends of mine, and working out at studios that might take time in the morning or near the evening at the latest.

Not an early riser every day though I still stay up late several times. I have been waking up early lately since I don't want to waste such an enjoyment and solitude morning. The whole day after the morning, I might not feel the same anymore as I would do my activities in a shorter day. Waking up late easily made me a wee bit restless sometimes. Comparing to last year's fasting month, I rarely sleep again after Shubuh prayer while I choose to do a quick yoga for a morning stretch and have a noon catnap.

It depends. I bet it should be hard most of the time to decide which restaurants to eat, especially to those who have been in a relationship for years. Mostly, I ended up with the same places or anywhere passing by. Dating at the cinema should be very fun too since we could talk about the movies afterward. But while there are no good movies at the cinema, why bother? If I had to pick up one, I would go with restaurants because I could talk for hours while getting to know each other like his appetite, his least favorite foods, or maybe his secret traits. The other fun thing is we both experience the same restaurants together!

Contrary to the fact that having a bonfire at night on the beach will be a little bit sultry since I live in Asia, I would rather have a picnic on the mountain while enjoying the fresh weather far from the city crowd. Having some yummy baguettes and sipping hot tea with views of the mountain will be such a whole new experience for me. And frankly, I have never done any mountain hiking as it is one of many wishes on my bucket list. I once tweeted that I would love to have a free-spirited partner – hopefully, I will cross these wishes of eating baguette on the mountain and going to the top of beautiful mountains of the world someday soon.

Having a chocolate cake is like a cut-it-and-munch-it way of eating. There is no need to tear down the paper wrap as grabbing a muffin does. I would most likely be such a mess with those muffin's crumbles everywhere – just the thought of the aftermath cleaning up pisses me off already.

If you want to come up with your answers, feel free to share yours comment, contact me, whatever feels comfortable for you!


  • Special thanks to Beatrice who owns this tweet through her Twitter account (@Madeoflighting0) for letting me put hers on this post <3

  • All illustrations are made by me ;-) #stillamateur

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