Written in 10 Minutes

What can't you find in the picture below?

You cannot find any straws on the picture. I could still drink the juice without a straw for sipping. No, I am not selling any alternative straws – just sharing my random thoughts about the actual practices of doing things that could have been done in better behavior.

When drinking something, straw is just like a simple option. Besides, slurping it out through the glass and stir it up with a stainless spoon should also be possible. If the straws are taken out, people are even not happy and complain about it because they feel that using straws make drinking possible and convenient. Given the second option of drinking directly through the glass, some people still find a way to reject the idea. The problem is we are not used to doing the second option – it has not become a habit for now.

Here is the thing I want to deliver – all of our actions, behavior, feelings, or thoughts, they all have different tones with different perspectives. It is our job to choose which fits for us. We can look through other people's glasses to find things that never crossed our minds to make sure we did not miss anything. In fact, we still have some considerations in supporting our decisions towards our actions, behavior, feelings, and thoughts. There is no right or wrong in staying true to yourself sticking with the straws but let's try to adjust ourselves to a new habit. If it does not work on you, no problem at all but just regarding other people's preferences. #respectingothers

In this case, what I have been trying to do is I rarely buy any additional drinks while eating outside as long as I bring my water bottle or tumbler with me. I always count how many liters I have been drinking every single day – helping the body's work in producing blood and circulating it to all parts of my body. Maybe, make bringing your bottle, tumbler, or whatever you name it a trend to the future is a good idea, what do you think?

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